University Of Sulaimani´s College of Environmental Sciences Hosts Successful ‘Contact with Nature’ Workshop in Celebration of World Mountain Day

On December 11, 2023, the College of Environmental Sciences at Sulaimani University, in collaboration with Iraqi Water keeper, organized a workshop titled “Contact with Nature” to commemorate World Mountain Day.

The event, held under the patronage of Angel Wings Travel, featured scientific seminars on topics such as the relationship between mountains and humans, the geographical importance of Sharbazher mountains, balanced tourism, and the sacred mountains of Kurdistan in the context of cuneiform records.

The workshop, attended by Prof. Dr. Emad Omar Hama Ali, the Dean of the College, the Governor of Sharbazher district, university faculty, and representatives from various sectors, also included a mountaineering trip to one of the Sharbazher mountains, supervised by  Nabil Musa at water keeper  and Jalal Ahmad  at Kurdistan Mountain organization .

Throughout the trip, an open discussion took place among organizers, guests, and climbers.